All You Must Learn About the Epic Final Zelda: TOTK Livestream

Nintendo went live today to drop the third and final trailer for the upcoming epic .

Tears of the Kingdom is set to release May 12, 2023 on the Nintendo Switch and will surely be the most important video game sequel of all time.

My excitement and anticipation for the game is so high, I wouldn’t even be able to properly explain it.

And surely I wouldn’t have to explain it to most of you – you are probably just as eager to play it as I am.

Just two weeks ago we were given our most in depth look at the game, and a lot of mechanics that we had never seen before.

It was pretty awesome getting a more detailed look at the new Hyrule and a few of the new ways Link will tackle whatever challenges are going to be put before us.

There are still a lot of mysteries about the actual story and what the heck is going on in Hyrule following the events of Breath of the Wild.

I’m writing this portion of the article about two hours before the final trailer drops, so I’m very curious exactly what Nintendo has saved for the final appetizer.

Surely they saved something pretty wild for this last trailer.

So without further ado… let’s watch The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Official Trailer #3.

Official Trailer #3

Wow oh wow. How do we even attempt to sum that all up? That was soooooo much information given to us in a short three minute span. And it was exactly what we were expecting – story story story. So much story.

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First and foremost: Ganondorf is back. I mean, we all kind of expected that. But man, that guy is really back.

And we saw him for real this time. No more Blight Ganons. Just the real deal Ganon right in our face. And he looks angry.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Final Trailer
Image Source: Nintendo

We also got a glimpse at so many characters that will be appearing in Tears of the Kingdom.

Those characters included Zelda, who we knew was one of the main protagonists since trailer #1.

We also got a glimpse at Link’s squad, that included the four Champions from previous titles.

The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Final Trailer
Image Source: Nintendo

There were also several characters that were unfamiliar to me, and we do not yet know what side of the battle they are on. Including a massive three headed dragon. Is that new?!

[ Apparently that’s Gleeok from the first game. ]

And we also can see the Master Sword in what appeared to be its normal state. It was not that corroded destroyed version we have seen in previous Tears of the Kingdom imagery.

So either we witness the sword’s destruction in the game, or it gets remade. Something is going on there.

With the incredible amount of details packed into that short trailer, you know there are gonna be a ton of breakdown videos popping up on Youtube this week.

We are not a breakdown channel, and I am surely not qualified to break down every little detail of what we just saw.

I’m just here to be a cheerleader for my number one game franchise of all time. And to further influence you to be excited about the release of this game… as if you needed me to encourage your excitement.


I’m getting tired of hearing myself talk about my excitement and anticipation. We need this game, like right now!

Thankfully, we are only one month from release of Tears of the Kingdom.

It’s time to start clearing our schedules, time to make sure our joycons are working properly.

Heck, we might need to go pick up a (if we can find one).

Whatever the case – I’m ready for this. More than anything.

Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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