Atari Introduces Retro Classic Collectible Arcade Circuit Boards

Atari has recently introduced a collection of officially licensed and authentic reproduction circuit boards for their beloved arcade classics.

These boards are ideal for hardcore arcade fans who are looking for limited edition collector’s items.

Additionally, these boards are exact replicas of the original ones, making them suitable replacements for damaged boards in original cabinets.

Whether you want to display them on your wall or revive a classic arcade cabinet, Atari has got you covered.

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Atari Arcade Reproduction Boards

Atari Reproduction Arcade Boards
Source: Atari

The new Atari reproduction boards were developed in collaboration with Retro Arcade, experts in retro arcade printed circuit boards.

These unique PCBs are primarily designed as collector’s items, described by Atari as “stunning wall pieces”.

Each board features screenprinted graphics with the game’s logo and a historical breakdown, if legible.

These boards also follow the original schematics and can be used to replace damaged original boards by transferring the components from the old ones to these new unpopulated boards.

Purchasing Information

Currently, there are five reproduction titles available from Atari: Lunar Lander, Warlords (Rev D), Black Widow (Rev A), Gravitar (Rev C), and Major Havoc (Rev D).

All of these titles were also featured in the .

If you don’t own an original cabinet, you can experience these amazing games on current-gen hardware with a reproduction board proudly displayed on your wall.

The most popular titles, Lunar Lander and Warlords, are currently priced at $245 USD, while the other three titles are currently on sale at a 15% discount for $208 USD.

All five boards are currently available, and they are not pre-order items. You can expect your reproduction PCB to be shipped a few days after placing your order.

Overall, this is a delightful collector’s item for those with the budget or a profound appreciation for arcade classics who simply must have a reproduction board.

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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