AYANEO Unveils Upcoming Slide Gaming PC with Exciting New Colorway

Today AYANEO appeared in a surprise livestream on their Youtube channel to show off current and upcoming devices, including the highly anticipated Slide.

We’ve seen the before, so this isn’t a big product reveal.

What was most surprising about the Slide’s demonstration was our first surprise look at a new colorway!

Image Source: AYANEO

Yes, the AYANEO Slide is now confirmed to be coming in both White/Orange and Black/Orange.

In previous livestreams they showed off the white and orange colorway, but it looked like a working concept. And we’ve even seen a black with white details before.

These new devices in hand appear to be the final builds for the AYANEO Slide.

AYANEO Slide Appearance

Image Source: AYANEO

In true AYANEO fashion, the Slide looks absolutely stunning.

It’s got that same signature AYANEO build quality and attention to detail that has made them one of the leaders for handheld gaming PCs.

The pure white and black shells with the orange details gives the Slide a unique look. Somehow both retro and futuristic at the same time.

I’m always partial to black devices, but it would be a tough decision between the two colorways shown in today’s livestream.

Besides the actual sliding screen and keyboard behind it, the body shape looks nearly identical to their … just with a sliding screen slapped on the front.

Image Source: AYANEO

Seeing the AYANEO Slide in Arthur Zhang’s hands, you can see that it should be a really ergonomic fit. I’d anticipate this being a pretty comfortable device to play on.

So the only thing we would wonder or worry about is how long with the Slide last on one charge?

AYANEO are making improvements on their battery life issues that existed on previous products. So we should expect more than a couple of hours.


I’m happy to see what appears to be the final design for the Slide, including that awesome black and orange colorway.

And I’m also excited to get one in my hands and see how it stands up to other AYANEO devices.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – I’m a big fan of AYANEO, their products, and their interest in sharing their products in livestreams.

It’s true – some of their products usually come with a pretty strong pricetag and a bit of a wait.

But you are guaranteed to get something that is the highest quality.

And we are always more than happy to recommend them if your wallet and patience can handle it.

Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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