be a planet [BETA] codes – Update December 2023

Check out the be a planet [BETA] Codes for codes. An updated be a planet [BETA] Codes featuring the latest working codes.

Published by @lovely_lurker, be a planet [BETA] is a engaging Roblox game

Searching for the most up-to-date Roblox be a planet [BETA] Codes? Our comprehensive guide provides the most recent active codes that offer free rewards such as in-game currency, boosters, and items . We consistently revise the list, so don’t forget to add to your bookmarks and revisit it from time to time for the most recent additions.

New be a planet [BETA] code – Update 7/12

Codes Rewards
TOY79EF894A Redeem this code to get 500 gold a reward
SVIP51FFF89B Use this code to receive 200 gold reward
VIP7BB9D912 Use this code to receive 500 gold reward
SUB76529716 Input this code to get 300 gems a reward
FREE5F57AF7B Input this code to get 100 power your reward
FAT403898B4 Input this code to get 100 cash a reward
VIP43992228 Use this code to get 100 gold reward
SUB576BE9A6 Redeem this code to get 300 cash a reward
SVIP22B27EA8 Redeem this code to receive 500 cash a reward
SVIP555E4011 Input this code to get 100 token a reward

be a planet [BETA] expired codes

Codes Rewards
FAT53E7BDCA Redeem this code to obtain 1000 gold your reward
NEW197D9A05 Input this code to obtain 500 cash reward
HOTEB8EFAE Input this code to get 1000 gold reward
VIP27313FC5 Input this code to obtain 300 EXP reward
HOT7BDBEA31 Use this code to get 1000 cash your reward
TOY2210F045 Input this code to get 1000 gems your reward
VIP23FECF3E Redeem this code to get 500 gold your reward
TWEET3852F2A1 Redeem this code to obtain 100 gold your reward
DEV12EA87F Use this code to receive 500 diamon a reward
TWEET696D8182 Use this code to obtain 100 EXP a reward

be a planet [BETA] promo code

  • VIC3DB1D484
  • HOT1026F244
  • SUP4F288A78
  • DEV736AC3FF
  • FREE2B14E66F
  • SUB34D09F24
  • FAT7EFC7899
  • HOT6359E080
  • SVIP727844F0
  • SUP543A7252
  • LIV75D5E629

be a planet [BETA] beginner code

  • VIP8852162
  • DEV1EAE4A9
  • FREE2A08C3DC
  • FREE22B271FE
  • DEV408A6447
  • LIV1F03D854
  • NEW3D26D599
  • FAT48705D92
  • SUP10CB84C
  • FAT6E5D2E4A
  • SUB5701AC3A

Redeeming be a planet [BETA] Codes

To use codes in Roblox be a planet [BETA] Codes, adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Launch be a planet [BETA] on Roblox
  2. Press the M key on your keyboard to open the Menu
  3. Choose the Preferences choice
  4. Choose the Coupon choice
  5. Copy an active code from the selection shared up top
  6. Enter a working be a planet [BETA] voucher and get the bonus

How To Obtain be a planet [BETA] Codes

We wish to explain that these be a planet [BETA] Codes we sharing are issued by the game developers. Typically, fresh codes are likely to come out when there’s a significant update, eventuality, celebration, or significant achievement accomplishment. For instance, a lot of Roblox game developers put out recent codes whenever their title reaches likes/visits milestones.

We suggest keeping an eye on the game’s official online media pages on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Discord for the new code updates. The majority of Roblox game developers create Roblox Group, Discord, or Twitter pages. You will rarely see the game’s pages on Instagram or Facebook.

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What Can be These be a planet [BETA] Codes

be a planet [BETA] Codes, gift codes, or coupon codes are unique codes game developers share with players on their official social channels handles, mainly on FB, Twitter, subreddit, Discord servers, social platform, or video-sharing channels. Alternatively, on occasion, they post the codes on the game’s very own forum site.

These codes are different from the cheat codes. These codes normally reward in-game currencies or items. Generally, the regular currency (the currency that you can farm by playing the game) or premium in-game currencies (hard to obtain by playing the game) are given with the codes.

be a planet [BETA] Game Description

Roblox Be a Planet [BETA] is an exciting new game that is taking the Roblox community by storm. Developed by @lovely_lurker, this game promises to provide a unique and immersive Sci-Fi experience for its players. With a server size of 20, it allows for an intimate and engaging gameplay environment where players can truly get lost in the vastness of space.

The game has quickly gained popularity since its release, with an active player count of 55. This shows that there is a dedicated community of gamers who are eagerly exploring the world of Be a Planet [BETA]. In fact, it has already garnered an impressive 50,964 favorites, which is a testament to its appeal and how well it has been received by players.

With over 5.0M+ visits, it is apparent that this game holds immense potential. The high number of visits suggests that players are not only drawn to the intriguing concept of being a planet, but also enjoy the gameplay and the overall experience it offers. It seems to have struck a perfect balance between entertainment and immersion, which are essential elements for a successful game.

Sci-Fi enthusiasts and gamers looking for a unique adventure will find Be a Planet [BETA] particularly captivating. The genre adds an extra layer of excitement and mystery to the game. As players take on the role of a planet, they have the freedom to explore, build, and interact with an interstellar world. The possibilities are endless, and the level of creativity and exploration within the game is unparalleled.

In conclusion, Roblox Be a Planet [BETA] is a game that holds immense promise in the Roblox community. With its developer, @lovely_lurker, at the helm, players can trust that they are in for an extraordinary gaming experience. Boasting impressive active player counts, favorited by many, and with a high number of visits, it’s clear that this game has captured the attention of Roblox enthusiasts. For those looking to escape into a fascinating Sci-Fi universe and unleash their creativity, Be a Planet [BETA] is the game to try.

Active 55
Favorites 50,964
Visits 5.0M+
Server Size 20
Genre Sci-Fi

NOTICE: this game is bound to have bugs, so if you find any, put a suggestion in our dizzy below



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