Cryptic Picture Hints at a New GoRetroid Handheld Teaser

GoRetroid has just dropped a not so subtle hint at a possible new GoRetroid handheld release. And it has many speculating about what the next Retroid Pocket device could be.

We do not yet know for sure whether the next model is going to be an entirely new device, or if we are getting an updated . A Retroid Pocket 2+ Plus?!

If the recent image posted by GoRetroid is any indication, we might be heading back in time to the second Retroid Pocket generation.

Retroid Pocket 2+ Plus

Source: GoRetroid Twitter

As you can see in the photoshopped image dropped by GoRetroid, there are many signs pointing to an updated Retroid Pocket 2.

The quote seen on the chalk board reads “Everything old is new again”, which could indicate that the previous design will be making a return. But it would likely be with a lot of internal hardware upgrades.

Source: GoRetroid Twitter

Independent investigators in the Discord chats are doing their best to read the clues.

And one important detail that many have pointed out is that the device seen on the desks features a Dpad on the top.

Of course, you’d need to squint your eyes or use the magic of technology to get a close up look at the mystery handheld.

But it does, in fact, seem to be nearly identical to a Retroid Pocket 2, with the Dpad moved to the top position, much like on the .

The device in question also has the three function buttons (Home, Select, Start) on the bottom left corner below the screen, just like the RP2.

Impossible to tell if this means it could be the same size as a RP2 as well, or if perhaps this is a larger version of that handheld. Possibly similar to a in size.

The screen does look larger and wider than the Pocket 2, in my own investigatory opinion. But again, it’s tough to tell from the image.

What’s Inside?

Retroid Pocket 2 (yellow), Retroid Pocket 3 (grey), and ???

Obviously everyone wants to know what kind of power we might expect out of this updated model.

The latest handhelds from GoRetroid make use of a T618 chipset, which allows for some GameCube and PS2 emulation.

While the Retroid Pocket 2+ had a Tiger T310, maxing out at comfortable 64-bit (Dreamcast, N64, PSP).

Even to get an updated ++ model of the Retroid Pocket 2 with a T618 would be great for fans of that form factor.

And knowing that GoRetroid typically focuses on premium quality paired with affordability, we would assume they would plan to keep things in the $100-150 range.

To shove an RK3588 inside the RP2 form would just bump the cost up too much and also could require active cooling solutions. We don’t see this coming to an affordable GoRetroid handheld.

We couldn’t count it out entirely for a Retroid Pocket 4, if they were to go a little larger with the overall handheld and could fit a fan in there. But not on a RP2+ Plus.

Safe to bet on this new model to make use of Android as well. That’s just how GoRetroid rolls.


We’ve been fans of everything that GoRetroid has put out in the past few years. We still love the dang , even with its little flaws.

If I were being honest, I’d say the RP2 was a bigger hit than the RP3. It’s just the difference in power that makes the 3 stand out so much.

But you absolutely know we’d love to see GoRetroid return to the Pocket 2 form. With a little more power and a bigger screen.

So in this particular case, going backwards is certainly a good thing. Time will tell. *pictures a clock ticking backwards*

We will certainly keep you updated as details become available.

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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