First-Ever YUZU Emulator Released for Android Devices

For the first time, the Nintendo Switch emulator YUZU is available for Android. The biggest surprise there being that it was never available for Android before.

Surely, now that has been shutdown (later replaced by ), there’s room for more Nintendo Switch Android emulators.

But that also makes it a pretty interesting time to double down on messing around with big bad Nintendo.

Let’s take a look at this new update and see what YUZU has to say about it.

YUZU Emulator for Android

YUZU Emulator Android
Source: YUZU

YUZU’s release statement mentions that “yuzu has always been developed with multi-platform support in mind.

They then give us a technical breakdown about how ARM-based systems work and how bringing YUZU to both MacOS and Android would go hand-in-hand.

Long story short, we now have YUZU on Android and likely have MacOS coming soon.

YUZU Emulator Android
Source: YUZU

With the massive amount of Android based devices out there and their wide range of hardware specs, there’s also going to be a range of performance.

And we know that Nintendo Switch emulation is far from 100% even on the most powerful devices.

But I had a pretty happy experience trying Switch emulation for the first time on the , which was capable of handling even the larger titles.

With YUZU being 100% free, why not download it from the Google store and give it a try yourself?

Of course, to test it out, you should pull games you own from your own Nintendo Switch. *wink wink*

“We’re excited for the opportunity that Android provides us, to hear all of your feedback, and we hope you enjoy playing!”

yuzu emulator team

Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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