Game Boy Classic Trip World Set to be Re-Released with Vibrant Full Color

Very exciting news for fans of original Game Boy titles – one of the most incredible classics, Trip World, is getting a limited physical re-release.

Limited Run Games has worked with the original developers Sunsoft to create a brand new collector’s edition physical release.

And as if it weren’t amazing enough that this must-play title is back, Limited Run Games has also created a brand new fully colorized version: Trip World DX.

Trip World

Trip World Game Boy

Game Boy enthusiasts will know Trip World as one of the most incredible platforming games created for the original DMG console.

The game never had a western release. So unless you lived in Japan, had a friend who shipped you a copy, or played it using emulation… you maybe never even heard of it.

But for those who knew about the magic of Trip World, this became one of the most rare and hard to find titles in an original cartridge.

The 1992 classic game can run you close to $300 for a real game cartridge and closer to $700 for a boxed copy.

Of course, there are knockoff versions available on Aliexpress. But most collectors are looking for the real thing.

Somehow, this classic title did not make our list of the . Which makes me strongly believe that this list needs an update, fellas!

I count Trip World in the top 10 of original Game Boy titles. And I absolutely cannot wait to replay it in full color.

Trip World Re-Release and DX

Coinciding with the announcement of the new Trip World physical release, Limited Run also dropped an amazing behind the scenes video on their Youtube channel:

As you can see, the team behind at Limited Run Games truly recognized the technical and artistic significance of Trip World on the Game Boy.

The huge undertaking of bringing color to this trippy world was masterfully executed by well known ROM hacker Iván Delgado aka Toruzz.

And the color palettes used for Trip World DX were developed by the original creator at Sunsoft, Yuichi Ueda.

Trip World Limited Run Games
Image Source: Limited Run Games

I am glad that Limited Run Games could work directly with Yuichi Ueda. And that they could bring his true vision for the game to life.

This is the game he wanted to create in 1992 if he had the time and technology.

Trip World Limited Run Games
Image Source: Limited Run Games

And yes, the new colorized DX game works on actual Game Boy consoles. And it will be released on actual Game Boy cartridges.

Trip World, and its main character Yakopoo, should be in the hall of fame of retro video games.

This is truly one of my favorite games to be released on the original Game Boy. And I am wildly excited to find out about a re-release.

Purchasing Information

Pre-orders open for the physical re-release of Trip World on April 28th. And you absolutely positively wanna be ready to go if you wanna get your order in.

The game will be available in physical game cartridges for the monochrome Game Boy for $39.99usd.

The new full color version for the Game Boy Color also coming in at the same price of $39.99usd.

For those who just wanna play the game in digital form, it is also coming to PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC for $34.99usd in appropriate media formats.

Collector’s Editions will also be available for those who want to grab all of the special extras that have been created to celebrate Trip World.

That includes a Yakopoo plush, key chain, original soundtrack CD, poster and premium collector’s box and the game format of your choosing for $74.99usd.

Thank you so so much, Limited Run Games and Sunsoft, for bringing back one of the most incredible Game Boy titles of all time.

I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on Trip World.

Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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