In Development: A New Playstation Handheld Aiming to Revolutionize Remote Play

The handheld industry is moving at a fast pace, with recent developments including the growing popularity of the Steam Deck, the new in the market, and the domination of the ASUS ROG Ally in the handheld gaming PC space.

Cloud gaming has also gained popularity, especially with the release of the , which seamlessly partners with Xbox Game Pass and PS Remote Play, allowing you to access your console games on the go.

Now, Sony is taking the spotlight with reports from Insider Gaming confirming the development of a new Playstation handheld codenamed the “Q Lite”.

This handheld is expected to target those who want a new way to use remote play, with high-quality hardware directly connected to the Playstation 5. Think of it as a companion handheld that allows you to enjoy fluid 1080p 60FPS gameplay while you travel.

However, it’s important to note that this handheld will require a constant internet connection.


Rumors suggest that this upcoming Playstation handheld will feature a large 8″ display surrounded by a design resembling a PS5 controller, giving users an experience that feels like playing on an actual Playstation 5 but in a portable format.

While many may have hoped for a PS Vita resurrection, it seems that this handheld will resemble a bigger version of the Backbone controller.

It’s also likely that this handheld will be released alongside new wireless earphones and headphones, offering a whole new way to play Playstation games on the go.

Sony has been aggressively promoting Remote Play in the past year, attracting both modern and retro gamers by bringing back some of the to their “Classic Catalogue,” which can be accessed through PS+ Premium.

As of now, this is all the information available, but we are excited to see what Sony has in store. The execution of this handheld is crucial, especially if it can only be used with remote play.

Sony is expected to host a showcase event in the coming months, focusing on the “second phase of PS5.” We anticipate more information about upcoming hardware and potential new games for the system.

It is likely that Sony will aim to launch the device before the holiday season, but there is currently no information regarding specifications, release dates, or pricing.

What Is PS Remote Play?

PS Remote Play allows you to remotely play your games library by wirelessly connecting to your console through the internet.

Concept images by Yonghwan Kim

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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