Introducing “Skew”: An Exciting New 3D Game for the Playdate

Skew is an addictive new endless 3d runner game that you can play on the Playdate using the handcrank. And that is as wild as it sounds.

The levels in the game are generated at random in real time. And the objective is to simply survive and get the highest score possible.

Sounds simple enough. But along with the random levels, you also get random obstacles trying their best to put your run to an end.

Skew Details


Skew makes use of both the unique crank mechanic of the Playdate as well as it’s built in gyro controls.

So to control your propeller-powered robot, you crank the handle to go up and down and tilt the console to go left and right.

It’s all a very physically involved task. You might not wanna play this one on a busy city bus.

Skew Playdate

Bonuses and skill points help make the task a little easier. But it’s gonna take some practice if you wanna get your name on the global leaderboard.

As to be expected on the Playdate, the graphics are absolutely incredible. For those of us in love with pixels and the 1-bit aesthetic, Skew is a dream.

Skew was developed by french game designer Frédérick Raynal, who you would know from titles like Alone in the Dark, Little Big Adventure, and Toy Commander.

Perhaps making it even more intriguing; Skew is a spinoff of the game The Last Worker, which is coming to PC, Switch, Xbox X/S, PS5 and PSVR2 on March 30th.

So that’s two games worth checking out!

Skew is sure to be a wild ride on the Playdate. And we can’t recommend it enough. Grab your copy of Skew today on the new Playdate Catalog store.

We’ve been on a bit of a Playdate kick lately, even creating a list of the . So check that out if you’re as into hand crank based games as we are!

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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