Lego Teases New Pac-Man Set Coming Soon

LEGO has just released a teaser on their Twitter account announcing an upcoming collaboration with Pac-Man.

Although no further details have been provided at this time, an image has been leaked that suggests an exciting collaboration between these two iconic brands.

Out of respect for LEGO’s release schedule, the leaked image will not be shared here, but we are eagerly anticipating the official announcement.

Lego x Pac-Man

Lego Pac-Man

It’s surprising that LEGO and Pac-Man have not yet collaborated on a set together, considering the numerous Pac-Man collaborations in the past, such as and . Therefore, a LEGO set themed around Pac-Man seems like a natural fit.

Given the long wait for Pac-Man to join forces with LEGO, it is reasonable to expect something truly special from this collaboration.

Pac-Man is a beloved arcade classic, and it would be fantastic to see LEGO introduce an “arcade” themed set.

Although a quick search for “lego arcade” brings up interesting fan-created creations, I couldn’t find any official LEGO sets. Unless, of course, you stumble upon that leaked image. *wink wink*

Until the official announcement, let’s eagerly await an exciting update from LEGO regarding a potential Pac-Man arcade set.

If you’re a Pac-Man fan, why not explore our list of the while we await LEGO’s announcement?

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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