Limited Edition Super Mario Cookies Unveiled by Oreo

Oreo has just revealed that they will be releasing a special edition cookie set featuring Super Mario and company. And this exciting news has left me feeling super hungry!

Following the massively successful release of the , we’ve had a bunch of fun Mario themed products. Including bath products, a , and an awesome vinyl record.

We can now add delicious cookies to the list of Mario themed swag to purchase in 2023!

Super Mario X Oreo

Super Mario Oreo Cookies
Image Source: Oreo

The commercial that Oreo has created to promote the new cookie collaboration with Super Mario is the coolest part of the whole thing. I am madly in love with it.

The promo depicts the special edition Super Mario X Oreo cookies bouncing around a “Rube Goldberg”-esque chain reaction machine… And as each cookie collides with a glass of milk, it plays one tone from the ever so familiar Mario theme song.

Oreo’s website lets us know that there are a whopping 16 different possible cookies to be discovered in each package!

Super Mario Oreo Cookies
Image Source: Oreo

That is a wild amount of designs to be included in each package. They could have just done one new design and we would have been happy.

But it is possible to find Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, Bowser, Boo, Fire Flowers, Super Mushrooms and more in the limited edition Super Mario Oreo cookies. Personal favorites: Yoshi and Bowser Jr.

There is no mention of a special flavor coming to this particular limited edition release. So it’s safe to assume it’s that classic chocolate and cream combination that makes Oreo one of the tastiest in the game.

I am completely happy with that familiar flavor being used here. Everything about this collaboration is sounding delicious to me.

Purchasing Information

Image Source: Oreo

The limited edition Super Mario X Oreo collaboration is expected to launch on July 10th.

These will be available both in store and online. Hard to say if you’ll be able to find any out in the wild though. So maybe best to play it safe and order.

The special Super Mario Oreo cookies are available for pre-order on the Oreo website right now.

Oreo is maybe my favorite cookie, and Super Mario is definitely my favorite Mario. So to see these two combine their powers will surely be a great thing for the world. And yet another win for retro gaming.

Mario has been having a GREAT year, and the wins just keep on coming. I’m super happy to be a Super Mario fan in 2023.

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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