Lush Unveils New Bath Line Inspired by the Super Mario Bros. Movie

If you’ve ever wanted to take a bath with the Super Mario Bros., now is your chance thanks to a new bath line from Lush.

The new line to coincide with the release of the Super Mario Bros. Movie was announced on , and is officially dropping March 24th.

We saw that super cool Question Block bath bomb at that time, but we never saw more. And we didn’t even know what comes inside that thing! (Don’t worry, we will get to that)

Lush has been teasing the release of the full collection on their Twitter account for a few days now. But we are now privy to the entire bath line thanks to NintendoWire.

We don’t want to step on any toes, so to be clear… a lot of this info seems to be coming as a NintendoWire exclusive. So shoutout to them for all the sweet info.

So let’s take a look at the new Lush X Super Mario Bros. Movie collab that will have us smelling good and looking super clean for the rest of the year.

Lush X Super Mario Bros. Movie

Lush x Super Mario Bros.

First up are some pretty cool Mario and Luigi shower gels, appropriately colored red and green to match the character’s favorite colors.

Supposedly, they are reusing some of the Lush holiday scents. So Mario will smell like fruity cola and Luigi will smell like apples and flowers. Yum?

These come in three sizes and the prices range from $12.50usd to $40usd.

We can also enjoy Princess Peach and Bowser shower jellies.

I’ve never experienced a shower jelly, but it sounds like gooey soap. Which… maybe that would be fun. I’d love to find out!

Peach’s jelly will smell like peach and pineapple and Bowser’s jelly will smell like ginger and spice. I’ll take one of each, please.

Even More Lush X Super Mario Bros. Products

Lush x Super Mario Bros.
Image Source: Lush via Nintendo Wire

We also now know what mystery is contained within the Question Block bath bomb – six possible mystery bath bombs inside.

Your 2-in-1 Question Block will contain one of the following: 1. Ice Flower power up, 2. Fire Flower power up, 3. Mini Mushroom power up, 4. Coin, 5. Star power up, or 6. Big Mushroom power up.

The particular bath product I’m gonna pick up is that awesome Gold Coin Soap. The scent is listed as “Honey I Washed The Kids” which is said to be a mix of honey, caramel and vanilla.

That sounds pretty delicious. I might have trouble not eating it! Some children will certainly give it a taste. Luckily, that’s only coming in at $8.75 per meal. I mean 3.5oz soap bar.

To seal the deal, you can buy a $10 gift box that comes in the iconic Question Block form.

This will make a perfect gift for any Mario fan. And would be even better if you can get it delivered in time to celebrate the release of the Super Mario Bros. Movie next month.

Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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