New Details Revealed About Pokémon Concierge TV Show

After a few of months of impatient waiting, we have finally got more info about the upcoming Netflix series Pokemon Concierge. Including the release date!

And it seems that I got my wish as requested in our about the show and it is going to be a 2023 release. December, in fact. Just in time for my birthday.

Pokemon Concierge

Image Source: Netflix

Back in February, we got our first glimpse at the incredible trailer for the new stop motion television series from Dwarf Studios of Japan.

And, while I am not personally the biggest Pokemon fan like the rest of Retro Dodo, I am pretty excited about this upcoming series.

The visual style is incredible, and I think Psyduck is one of the coolest Pokemon.

Thanks to the new behind-the-scenes video from Netflix, we have a really up close and personal look at some of the characters and scenery expected to make an appearance.


When we originally saw the trailer for Pokemon Concierge, it had a very Coraline / ParaNorman / Kubo vibe to it. Really cool looking stop motion animation and a light, airy tone to it.

Now that we see much more of the set, we can see just how incredibly detailed everything is going to be.

So much great detail in the set dressing, such as the luggage of the visitors to the resort.

Image Source: Netflix

And all of the Pokemon have a really nice felt texture to them. It gives the whole production a really unique feel.

Needless to say, seeing more makes us want to… well… see more!

As a massive fan of the Detective Pikachu film, and a smaller fan of the game series, I think this new Netflix show has the potential to be my favorite Pokemon side-story yet.

And I will definitely be binging this upon release this coming December.

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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