Nintendo Switch Announces Arrival of Two Fresh Pastel Joy-Con Sets

Nintendo just announced that they are going to be releasing not one, but TWO new pastel colored Joy-Con sets for the Switch.

The new Nintendo Switch Joy-Con sets will be available in Pastel Purple / Pastel Green and Pastel Pink / Pastel Yellow color combinations.

Nintendo Pastel Joy-Cons
Image Source: Nintendo

I don’t think I have to explain to you how adorable these look. And these are not just for the ladies; boys can like pastel too!

These will look incredible in your hands while playing something cozy like Animal Crossing or Doom Eternal… you know, the sweetest of games.

Or any one of the of your choice.

As far as specs go, these should be exactly the same as previous Joy-Cons. There’s no new hardware inside to speak of.

That means unfortunately no hall sensor joysticks, so they are still going to face the possibility of the infamous Joy-Con drift.

But that’s the magic of buying new Joy-Cons – you reset the clock with a brand new set of controllers!

Previous Joy-Con Colors

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Seeing these awesome new Joy-Con colors got me thinking about how many other colors I could think of in the existing lineup.

Luckily, Nintendo actually has a page dedicated to testing out any combination of available colors for Joy-Cons.

As we can see, both the left and right Joy-Cons are available in grey, blue, red, pink, and green.

The only colors that are exclusive to the particular side of the controller are the left side purple and right side orange.

And we can’t forget the new OLED white Joy-Cons as well.

Of course, this also does not include the special edition sets, such as the new Zelda OLED Joy-Cons.

But it turns out that there’s actually a lot more colors than I remembered.

Sadly, there are still no transparent options. But it’s still pretty awesome to see these brand new color sets coming to the available collection.

Purchase Information

Both sets of pastel Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons will be available starting on June 30th.

The Nintendo website currently lists both sets, and both are marked as pre-order and “Sold Out”.

We’re not sure if that means that they actually sold out that quick, or if they are just not yet available to purchase.

Either way, it’s very likely that more will come available and you might just be able to walk into any major retailer and grab your set on June 30th.

Both Joy-Con sets will be at the standard price of $79.99USD per set.

These will surely be a hit with the “cozy gamer” crowd. And my girlfriend, who squealed when she saw me writing this article!

Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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