Reviving StreetPass: A Hopeful Look at Bringing the 3DS Back in Fashion by 2023

Organizers of the StreetPass Revival 2023 public events hope that they can convince Nintendo 3DS owners to take their consoles outside and rack up those StreetPass points.

So between March 31st and April 2nd, bring your 3DS out to one of the designated public events and share your love of the retro device.

And you can also use the hashtag #StreetPassWeekend2023 to show your support and get the word out: This weekend we hit the streets!

Nintendo 3DS StreetPass

Nintendo 3DS
Shigeru Miyamoto with a nintendo 3ds console (source unknown)

So what is StreetPass exactly?

Well, if you own a Nintendo 3DS, it has a built in feature where you earn points for simply taking your console out on the streets and encountering other 3DS users.

The function was made to encourage users to be social and get outside with other 3DS owners.

There are special games that can be played in the Nintendo Mii Plaza. And you need those points to unlock those games.

So if you’ve got your 3DS on you (even while in sleep mode), and you cross paths with another active 3DS console.. you both earn points.

In the exchange you also do things like “Show off your pets in nintendogs + cats” or “proudly exchange a copy of your home in Animal Crossing: New Leaf” as indicated by

There has been a big buzz around the 3DS with the closing of Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS stores on March 27th (that’s today!).

But the StreetPass functionality will be alive and well, and some people wanna bring it back into fashion.

StreetPass Revival 2023

A group of dedicated 3DS enthusiasts have decided that 2023 is the time to see the console make a strong comeback.

Shutting down the online game store won’t stop users from hitting the streets and sharing a common love for the (mostly) pocket friendly gaming device.

With the hashtag #StreetPassWeekend2023, the team behind this organized event hope that they can convince 3DS owners to charge those consoles and take them out this coming weekend.

Yes, you can take your 3DS out in public anytime. But it is this coming weekend that the organizers of StreetPass Revival 2023 really hope to see strong numbers.

Streetpass Weekend 2023 will take place from March 31st to April 2nd, and there are many large events that are being targeted for StreetPass action:

  • Switch & Play (New York City, NY)
  • Nintendo Nottingham (Nottingham, UK)
  • Oz Comic-Con (Perth, Australia)
  • Kaizoku-Con (Cork, Ireland)
  • EVO Gaming Tournament (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show (Paris, France)
  • South Lamar Alamo (Austin, TX)
  • FACTS 2023 (Gent, Belgium)
  • London Games Festival (London, UK)
  • MegaCon (Orlando, FL)
  • Chicago Comic + Entertainment Expo (Chicago, IL)
  • Steel City Con (Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Kawaii Kon (Honolulu, HI)
  • Midwest Gaming Classic (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Charlotte Comicon (Concord, NC)

Nintendo 3DS Love

There is a Discord channel organized for 3DS users who wanna discuss the console and plan meetups here.

And you can also follow the @StreetPassLove Twitter page for more information about the 3DS StreetPass Revival 2020.

And of course, we have covered some of our favorite Nintendo 3DS games in our article for the .

So what say you? Do you plan on taking your 3DS out for a stroll this weekend and support the StreePass movement?

We sure hope to see a lot of you posting your 3DS content this weekend.

And we might have to dust off our 3DS and see who we can encounter this weekend.

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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