Rumored July Announcement Sparked by Alleged Switch 2 Dev Kit “Leak”

Yes, it is another day and another Switch 2 leak. And normally we wouldn’t cover it, but this one seems to have some legs.

Today is particularly noisy in terms of Switch 2 / Switch Pro rumors, as we have a pretty large leak possibly coming from a studio in Spain.

If the claims of the new Switch 2 dev kit leak are to be trusted, then we could be looking at an announcement soon.

Specifically, the leaker claims that Nintendo will announce the Switch successor in July! Yes, as in this current month of July.

Let’s take a closer look at the details and see why this particular rumor has so much attention.

Switch 2 Dev Kit

The Nintendo Switch 2 dev kit leaker seems to be a well known source from past – Nash Weedle.

And their bold claim is that a Spanish game studio current has a Switch 2 development kit in their possession. Many have concluded that the studio in question must be Madrid’s MercurySteam.

Needless to say, MercurySteam themselves have not leaked anything, nor have they confirmed that they have a dev kit.

Making such a public claim would surely ruin their relationship with Nintendo, and also break legally binding contracts with them.

It is unlikely that any studio would officially claim to have a Switch 2 dev kit. Any assertion of its existence would need to be done in secret and through third party sources.

Which is where someone like Nash Weedle comes into play. Because Nash Weedle has correctly predicted previous Nintendo secrets, such as the announcement of Metroid Dread, we can give them some credit.

Remember, MercuryStream was the developer for Metroid Dread. Hence the connection.

A second source, youtuber Behind the Games has also corroborated Nash Weedle’s claims in this video.

So far, there are no photos or hard evidence of this supposed dev kit. But the internet is on fire today with excitement. And many are giving serious credit to this claim.


Nintendo Switch concept by Ayoub Zgaren.

Obviously, over the years there have been so many rumors about what is coming next for the Switch.

Even recently, there have been talks of hardware components being developed by major companies, and the Microsoft/Activision legal case documents mentioning details about the Switch 2.

Of course, none of this is definitive evidence. Just more fuel to the fire of eager Nintendo Switch fans.

While we wait, many artists have taken it upon themselves to concept what a possible successor could look like.

These concepts are exciting, but they are only what-ifs. And until Nintendo themselves offers something to look at, we are only dreaming.

Nintendo has never been a company to break under pressure, and they are self aware enough to know that they are the ones to tell us when it is time for a new Switch.

As per usual, we have to take these leaks and rumors with a grain of salt. But the current running theory is that a Nintendo Switch 2 will be announced this month, July 2023.

I find that very hard to believe with the current software release plans for 2023. But again… we can dream, can’t we?

So let’s all hold our breath for the month of July in hopes of an official announcement.

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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