Sega is Developing a New Game: Jet Set Radio Returns!

Confirming previous leaks and rumors, new images have emerged of a brand new Jet Set Radio video game in development at SEGA. And needless to say, we are very excited.

Video Games Chronicle previously reported that the Jet Set Radio art director Ryuta Ueda rejoined Sega in 2021 to work on something.

We had a pretty good idea what he was coming back for, but it would seem we know exactly what that something is now!

Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio

Jet Set Radio is one of the that mixes street gangs (the innocent video game kind), inline skating and graffiti in an extremely fun package.

It’s part Sonic Adventure, part Grand Theft Auto, part Splatoon, part Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. And it’s all fun.

It was a blast to play when it released back in 2000, and the sequel Jet Set Radio Future was even better! In fact, we rated that one in the .

That’s two games in the franchise, two games rated “best of all time”. So you know they are pretty great!

But it’s been over twenty years since we’ve heard anything new about the franchise. So we’re thinking that it’s about time to get a reboot.

Jet Set Radio Leaks

Jet Set Radio 2023
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Thanks to leaked footage shared by SEGAbits, we know that Sega had been sharing ideas for a future entry as far back as 2021.

These leaked images were from a survey that was conducted, possibly to a small group of outsiders to gauge interest. Or maybe internally to develop the art direction.

In a small blurry image that was leaked from those internal Sega surveys, we can see that iconic JSR art direction.

But the work is clearly very new and has much more detail than previous Jet Set Radio illustrations.

This is quite obviously new concept art for a brand new Jet Set Radio title.

Additional leaked content show video of a new Persona game, Sonic Frontiers, and the Jet Set Radio title in question.

This all but confirms that Sega has began development on a new entry in the JSR franchise, and it’s possibly even already a few years deep into that work.


Needless to say, Twitter comments on these shared leaks are exploding. People are losing their minds over a new Jet Set Radio.

We’d love to see a new entry in the franchise come sooner than later. We know that game development is a daunting task nowadays, and once development starts you could be looking at a five year wait.

But with these leaked images containing the words “Footage in development” and “2021” on the license plate of a police vehicle shown in the scene… It’s safe to bet we are at least 2 years into that development.

So what do you think? Are you ready for a new Jet Set Radio game? Surely 21 years is a long enough wait.

We’re ready for it. And obviously… we’ve got our eyes and ears open for any further news. Keep checking back here for more info!

Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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