Talented Artist Revives First Generation Pokemon in Stunning 2.5D Remake

We were recently tipped off to a series of awesome videos from artist Dott, who remakes a bunch of classic JRPGs, including a 2.5d recreation of first gen Pokemon. [Thanks Kotaku]

This 2.5D style was perfected in and , two absolute visual masterpieces.

I love this aesthetic so much that I created a list of the .

Clearly I’m not the only one hungry for more content in this visual style, because Dott has a whole Youtube channel full of re-interpretations of retro RPGs.

The most exciting of their videos were the recent Pokemon 2.5d re-interpretations in Unreal Engine 5. Just look how beautiful this is:

2.5D Remakes

Dott has been working on quite a lot of 2.5D remakes of classic JRPG titles. Some of the games on their Youtube channel include Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Terranigma, and Chrono Trigger.

This artist clearly has good tastes in video games!

Dott calls this style HD2D, which is also a good way of describing what actually is happening in this kind of 2.5D work.

You’re taking that classic SNES style 2D pixel art style and creatively mixing it with modern 3D technology. It all becomes quite unique.

We love all of the works featured on their channel, but you know we will always be partial to first generation Pokemon content.

The starting scenes of Pokemon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow shown in Unreal Engine 5 in an HD2D style is pretty intriguing.

Pokemon 2.5d
Image Source: Dott

It would be a dream to see something like this on a future list.

Obviously, we would love to see a full remake. And we know how insanely time consuming that would be.

But we’ve seen equally daunting tasks done in the past.

What could be even better is if Game Freak actually tried a future Pokemon title in this visual style.

Or the next Legend of Zelda? Aw dang… now my mind is running.

Okay, let’s wrap this up.

Re-imaginings are always so fascinating and inspiring. It gets you excited to think about the what ifs.

Which is exactly why we love to share this kind of content. And we hope you love it as much as we do!

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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