Upcoming Miyoo Mini Flip Successfully 3D Printed by Enthusiast

A prominent member of the handheld emulation community, RetroBreeze, has 3D printed a mock-up of the upcoming .

This is the first time I remember seeing somebody take the design images of an upcoming handheld and actually making a physical test themselves.

And now that I’ve seen it, I think this needs to be common practice!

It is a bit difficult to picture a final product from only draft images, so this is an absolutely perfect way to get a realistic preview.

It’s wildly interesting to see what the Miyoo Mini Flip could actually look like in our hands.

Many, including myself, were surprised just how small it actually is.

It looks nearly identical to the key reference, the Game Boy Advance SP.

Miyoo Mini Flip

The Miyoo Mini Flip has only been revealed in patent submission images that were discovered last week.

But many were quick to share their support and excitement for the possibilities.

A clamshell handheld inspired by the Game Boy Advance SP seems like something we actually need much more than a Nintendo DS inspired design that is missing the “DS” part.

I think the misses the mark a bit and has a lot of wasted space, but I know there are many who love the design.

I’d say, especially now that we’ve seen a demonstration in RetroBreeze’s hands, people will absolutely love the Miyoo Mini Flip.

And I can’t wait for the real thing.

Big shout out to RetroBreeze for being so quick to create this 3d printed mock-up and sharing it with the community.

Again, I really hope that this becomes a normal thing for our niche. Such a great idea.

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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