[UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors codes – Update March 2024

Explore the [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors Codes for codes. An updated [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors Codes featuring the latest working codes.

Published by Content Pioneers Studio, [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors is a exciting Roblox game

Want to find the newest Roblox [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors Codes? Our comprehensive guide provides up-to-the-minute active codes that grant free rewards such as currency, boosters, and various in-game items. We consistently revise the list, so remember to bookmark and revisit it often for the newest updates .

Latest [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors code – Update 1/03

Codes Rewards
VIP4CC8C7F6 Redeem this code to obtain 200 coin reward
VIP653232D6 Use this code to receive 200 cash your reward
FREE7AF3B88A Use this code to receive 300 gold a reward
VIP7D353654 Use this code to receive 100 gold reward
HOT199A1B2A Redeem this code to obtain 300 gems your reward
HOT18DD1425 Use this code to get 300 cash your reward
NEW13D96943 Input this code to get 300 power your reward
TOY6EAEB4E9 Input this code to receive 200 power your reward
NEW78D1D2A0 Redeem this code to receive 100 EXP your reward
TOY134F3415 Input this code to get 200 token reward

[UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors expired codes

Codes Rewards
HOT7EC99178 Input this code to obtain 1000 diamon reward
SUP917FA09 Redeem this code to obtain 500 token a reward
SVIP2646517C Use this code to get 200 gems reward
DEV79E05AE8 Input this code to obtain 100 gems reward
VIC66E62672 Redeem this code to obtain 300 cash your reward
VIP5A75F22A Use this code to get 100 power a reward
SVIP5AE8DD5D Use this code to receive 200 diamon a reward
SUP5B0AC8A7 Use this code to receive 100 gems reward
FREEA118BA1 Use this code to obtain 300 token a reward
LIVFC6DED2 Redeem this code to obtain 200 token a reward

[UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors promo code

  • FREE75BB8F3E
  • SVIP791363F3
  • DEV1F525663
  • NEW37036598
  • HOT39434527
  • DEV3586605F
  • HOT2C2250A7
  • HOT60D092F
  • SUP49DF032
  • VIC794465C3
  • VIP590AFB62

[UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors forever code

  • FREE7EB7E4A7
  • VIP2B3A9D24
  • LIV4CF95655
  • SUB29D780B4
  • SVIP758591E3
  • SUB51A58DF1
  • LIVF0A1D22
  • HOT71BE0B39
  • NEW28F125E7
  • NEW5750A6F8

Using [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors Codes

To claim vouchers in Roblox [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors Codes, follow the steps:

  1. Start [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors on Roblox
  2. Press the key M on your keyboard to open the Menu
  3. Click the Options option
  4. Click the Code menu
  5. Replicate an active code from the inventory shared above
  6. Enter a valid [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors code and claim the reward

Ways To Acquire [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors Codes

We’d like to make it clear that these [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors Codes we sharing are put out by game developers. Normally, recent codes are likely to be released when there exists a significant patch, eventuality, festival, or milestone accomplishment. For example, a lot of Roblox game title developers release new codes every time their game reaches likes/visits milestones.

We advise following the game’s official online media pages on Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Discord for the new code updates. Most Roblox game developers set up Roblox Group, Discord, or Twitter pages. You will seldomly see the game’s pages on Instagram or Facebook.

What precisely Are These types of [UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors Codes

[UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors Codes, gift codes, or coupon codes are unique codes game creators share with players on their official social media handles, mainly on FB, Tweet, Reddit, game chat, social platform, or YouTube channels. Alternatively, sometimes, they share the codes on the game’s very own forum site.

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These codes are unique from the cheat codes. These codes normally reward in-game currencies or items. Usually, the standard currency (the currency that you can farm by playing the game) or premium-quality in-game currencies (hard to obtain by playing the game) are given with the codes.

[UPDATE 2] Fruit Warriors Game Info

In the ever-expanding world of Roblox, game developers are constantly bringing innovative experiences for players. With countless genres to explore, the latest addition to the Roblox universe is the highly anticipated game called “Fruit Warriors.” Developed by Content Pioneers Studio, this game is already creating a buzz within the Roblox community.

With an impressive stats sheet, “Fruit Warriors” truly stands out. Currently, the game boasts an active player base of 57 individuals who engage in exciting battles and thrilling quests. The active player count signals a promising start and suggests that the game has the potential to captivate a wide audience.

Moreover, “Fruit Warriors” has now gathered an incredible 70,690 favorites, proving its popularity among players. This astonishing number showcases the game’s potential to become a fan favorite on the Roblox platform and hints at its ability to create a dedicated and engaged community.

In terms of visits, “Fruit Warriors” has already crossed the milestone of 17.8 million visits and continues to gain momentum. This impressive number not only demonstrates the rapidly growing interest in the game but also the robust gameplay and captivating storyline designed by Content Pioneers Studio.

“Update 2” of “Fruit Warriors” has brought several exciting features and improvements. These updates promise to further enhance the gaming experience and provide players with fresh content to explore. With new challenges, maps, and game mechanics, players can expect an even more thrilling adventure to embark upon.

Featuring a server size of 12, “Fruit Warriors” offers players the chance to battle it out in a highly dynamic and engaging environment. This mid-sized server ensures a competitive yet cooperative space where players can team up or engage in intense one-on-one battles.

Whether you are a fan of action, adventure, or strategy games, “Fruit Warriors” has something for everyone. The diverse range of genres incorporated into this game ensures that every player can enjoy it at their pace and engage with its unique features.

Overall, “Fruit Warriors” is an exciting addition to the existing Roblox catalog, developed by Content Pioneers Studio. With its growing active player base, overwhelming favorites count, and remarkable visits, this game has solidified its position as a game to watch out for in the Roblox world. So, join the adventurous journey of “Fruit Warriors” and see for yourself why it’s gaining such widespread attention.

Active 57
Favorites 70,690
Visits 17.8M+
Server Size 12
Genre All Genres


⭐Use code UPDATE2

Statistics cap: 1750
Progression: Rookie > Orange > Jungle > Snow > Desert > Sky > Fish Restaurant

Bosses respawn every 5 minutes.

Current fruits:
Invisible (Common)
Kilo (Common)
Bomb (Uncommon)
Chop (Uncommon)
Diamond (Uncommon)
Smoke (Rare)
Magma (Epic)
Flame (Epic)
Light (Legendary)
Quake (Legendary)
Rumble (Legendary)

Game available for PC & Mobile

Update at 4:46 - 29/12/2023
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