We Just Launched Our Brand New Retro Gaming Podcast

Our goal here at Retro Dodo is to educate and entertain you on all things retro gaming, be it the latest news, upcoming products or facts about games from the past.

Since the beginning in 2019 we focused heavily on doing that through written form and video content.

Admittedly they are the two most popular medians but we want to take it a step further and create a place that can you can keep informed through an audio platform.

So we have resurrected our old podcast by bringing on a new co-host known as Jake Martin and partnering it with video to create an epic weekly podcast that feels like friends sat around a fire talking about retro gaming.

Our first revamp episode is now live, myself and Jake gives you a better insight into what we plan to do with the podcast, alongside introductions.

We also uploaded episode 032, an extra episode that talks about our favourite games growing up as a child, so you can get a sense of how a normal episode will feel.

We want to keep them short and sweet so we aim to keep episodes between 30 and 45 minutes long, enough to keep you engaged when you are travelling to work, or at home chilling.

We have a few awesome upcoming guests too:

  • Bob Wulff from Wulff Den (One of the largest Nintendo YouTubers)
  • Russ Crandwell from Retro Game Corps (Runs a very popular handheld gaming channel)
  • Potentially an interview with the team behind the .

There will also be guest appearances from our team, so you might find that Seb, Jason, Emma and Anthony might pop on for a chat to talk about their love for retro gaming.

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We want to create a podcast that feels homely, and creates a nostalgic experience that you can listen to wherever you are in the world.

As a business perspective, financially, podcasts are rarely profitable but as the founder I believe it makes the brand look and feel more reputable, it gives us the opportunity to build relationships with talent in the industry that we may have never crossed paths with and in a time when AI is wrecking havoc I like to keep our content 100% human.

So be sure to check our our two new episodes, and please to subscribe to the Retrospect Channel on YouTube, we have lots to show you!

Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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