Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Debut TV Commercial Released

Nintendo has officially released the first television commercial for .

This is the same tv spot that caused controversy last week when it leaked online.

Nintendo has been actively issuing copyright claims on anyone sharing or covering the leaked content on Youtube.

However, now that the television promo has been officially released on the Nintendo Youtube channel, there’s no need to search for it in unofficial sources like Reddit.

Before we analyze what’s featured in the commercial, let’s take a look at the leaked version that Nintendo didn’t want people to see:

You Can Do What?!

The title of this television commercial for the new Legend of Zelda game coming to the Nintendo Switch is “You Can Do What?!

Nintendo is highlighting the level of freedom and creativity players have with Link’s new abilities in the game.

We can see some creative transportation options and weapon usage that were previously showcased in the Official Trailer #3 on April 13th. They are now demonstrated in a few different scenarios.

Zelda Commercial
Image Source: Nintendo

We are still amazed by everything shown in the previous trailer and all the gameplay experiences we will have in the new game.

This commercial only adds to the already growing excitement surrounding the game.

Flame Gleeok
Image Source: Nintendo

One exciting detail is the confirmation of Gleeok’s presence in the game, suggesting there may be different types.

The name “Flame Gleeok” implies there might be other variations of Gleeok as well.

In the previous trailer, I didn’t recognize this three-headed dragon, but many quickly identified it as a returning character from the original Zelda game on the NES.


There isn’t much to conclude here, aside from the usual excitement and readiness for the game that we’ve been expressing repeatedly.

It’s surprising that television commercials are still being made, but considering the Japanese audience’s love for TV, it makes sense for Nintendo to produce a series of commercials.

This commercial, especially with its Japanese-language version, will likely receive extensive airtime in the coming weeks.

Personally, I’m already sold and hyped for the game. However, I understand there may still be a few people unfamiliar with the magic of Tears of the Kingdom.

So, let’s all do our part to introduce them to the world of Zelda and get ready for the game’s release on May 12th.

I’ve already reserved my and will be picking it up on Friday.

And of course, I’ll be getting a copy of the new game on release day. Then, I’ll be disappearing into Hyrule forever, at least in theory.

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Update at 3:06 - 31/07/2023
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